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The Second Harbor Engineering Company

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   The Second Harbor Engineering Company, or SHEC, was started in 1950 as one of the four first-class port construction enterprises under the ministry of transport before becoming a 100% subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) in 2006, one of the Fortune 500. Through 60 years’ development, SHEC has evolved into a large construction enterprise with a diverse portfolio integrating design, construction, R&D and capital operation. Our core competence is infrastructure construction, mainly the construction of roads, bridges, ports, channels and municipal works. Our products are present not only in China’s 29 provinces and municipalities, but also in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

    SHEC comprises 10 subsidiaries, 18 branch companies, 7 joint companies and 10 marketing offices, with a special-grade competence in the lump-sum contracting of road ,harbor and channel works and a first-grade competence in the lump-sum contracting of municipal works. SHEC has 7945 employees, 5221 among which are managerial and technical staff. SHEC has more than 90 big vessel for works and over 4800 sets of large construction facilities. In 2003, SHEC has been approved by the integrated management system of Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health. In 2007, SHEC’s bridge & tunnel laboratory has been certified Key Super Bridge Laboratory of the Ministry of Transport and in 2009, SHEC’s technical center has been certified State-class Technical Center.

    As a marine construction leader in China, SHEC has made great contributions to China’s port and channel construction. We have the building of more than 200 wharfs to our credit, like the North Seawall of Huanghua Port, the Yangtze Estuary Deep Water Channel Regulation PhaseⅡand other key projects of the country. The manmade island at Yangkou Port in Nantong, Jiangsu, whose main body was successfully completed in 2008, is China’s first artificial island built in the open sea.

    Since SHEC entered the bridge construction market in the 90s of the 20th century, it has built and participated in the building of more than 100 super-large bridges across the river, the sea and highways, aspiring to be China’s top bridge building enterprise. Through building Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Chaotianmen Bridge (Chongqing), Balin River Bridge (Guizhou), Jintang Bridge, Shanghai Yangtze Bridge ,among others, SHEC has once and again renewed China’s bridge records and accomplished the seemingly impossible mission of building eight cross-Yangtze bridges at the same time.

    SHEC has been the builder of more than 1000 kilometers of high-grade highways, like Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway and other national arteries.

    In the domains of municipal, hydrological and eco-friendly works, SHEC has also showed remarkable performances. The Guigang Shipping Terminal Lock project (Guangxi) has been awarded Luban Prize. And the Shanghai Combined Sewage Control Project PhaseⅠLot 3.2 has set three records in China, respectively in the diameter of the underground jacking pipe, in the jacking distance of a single jacking stroke and in 3D-curve jacking.

    In recent years, SHEC has been vigorously implementing the strategy of three modules in product structure, i.e. marine works, railways, roads & bridges. Since our foray into the railway construction market in 2005, SHEC has known a rapid growth in its market share. Up to the end of 2010, SHEC has built 550km of world-class high speed railways, including Beijing-Shanghai express railway, passenger-only railways of Harbin-Dalian, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Xi’an-Baoji and Chengdu-Chongqing.

    Aiming the promising urban rail transit and tunnel works, SHEC has gained the contract of Lot 2 of Guangzhou Subway Line 6 , Lot 12 of Guangzhou Subway Guangfo Line, Lot 5 of Wuxi Metro Line 1, Lot 6 of Wuxi Metro Line 2 and so on. SHEC made a nice debut on the subway and tunnel construction stage with the satisfactory delivery of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro and Guangzhou-Kunming Railway, a giant tunneling project that SHEC has ventured into for the first time. SHEC also expanded its business map by undertaking Nanjing Cross-river Tunnel at Weisan Road, a large (14.5m in diameter) tunnel under deep water and  by undertaking a sunken-pipe tunnel project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

   SHEC has been actively engaged to go international. Our products has spread to six countries outside our home market, like the Second Penang Bridge in Malaysia, Saigon International Terminal (Hutchison Whampoa) in Vietnam, Qasim International Container Terminal in Pakistan, the Outer Circular Highway to the City of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Ras Al Zawr Port in Saudi Arabia, SP-SSA Saigon International Container Terminal, Gwadar Deep Water Port of Pakistan. With a $1.5-billion sales volume, the overseas market provides an important support to SHEC’s sustainable development.

    In the field of financing and investment, SHEC also stands out. With a total investment package of 3.55 billion RMB, SHEC has undertaken the Reclamation& Development Project in Haiyang City, Shaodong, Reclamation Works at Dongzao Port in Haimen City,Jiangsu, Yunfu Logistics Park in Guangdong, Erhang Real Estate Project in Chongqing, Yangluo Production Base at Wuhan New Port and so on, among which Xianjiang 4th Bridge and 5th Bridge in Zhuzhou, Yunfu New Port in Guangdong and Qingda trunk of National Highway 109 in Inner Mongolia have been successively put in operation.

    Through 60 years’ development, SHEC has fostered its core values: sincerity, trust, win-win cooperation, diligence, dedication, continuous improvement and transcendence. We are conscientiously committed to offer high-quality and reliable services through our relentless pursuit of unrivalled technology and management,  and our vision is to build a world better connected by bridges, roads, ports and waterways. Our ambition to forge of SHEC a leading and lasting construction enterprise of the world has always been driving SHEC to become better, bigger and more excellent.

    Forge a trustworthy brand, create value, develop talents, make friends and expand markets, these are the guiding principles of SHEC’s marketing system. In continuously satisfying and surpassing our clients’ demands and expectations and concentrating on establishing a strategic partnership with our clients and concerned parties based on reciprocal cooperation and joint advances, SHEC has forged a remarkable brand called SHEC.

    SHEC has always been a responsible and responsive community member. We implement our values and commitment to local and larger communities in our daily activities: offer excellent and time-honored products and create value to reward the community.

    In these few years SHEC has been honored with more than 20 Luban Prizes, Zhantianyou Prizes, National Prizes for Excellent Projects and Gold Cups for Municipal Works of China. SHEC also has been awarded with nearly 50 prizes for excellent works by the Ministry of Transport of China and provincial authorities, chief among which are National Quality Prize, Excellent Company in Promoting Ethical Progress, Excellent Company in Promoting Corporate Culture, Excellent Construction Enterprise in Quality and Efficiency, Construction Enterprise Most Satisfactory to Clients and CCCC’s Top Ten Heroic Team in Bridge Building.

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