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CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd.

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Established in 1897 as Haihe Conservancy Board, CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. (TDC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC), is the first specialized dredging organization in China. TDC has its main businesses of port and waterway dredging, land reclamation, hydraulic and foundation engineering, survey, design, consultation and environmental dredging and concurrently participates in equipment manufacturing, investment, real estate development, international shipping, transit storage, etc.

The company has the qualification of the first-class package dealer in the field of port and waterway construction and 3000 registered employee, in which professionals account for over 70%. TDC owns a modern dredging fleet with a total installed power of 580,000 kW comprising more than 70 dredgers and auxiliary vessels. The capacity of the CSD fleet, which has exceeded 350Mm3 annually, firmly ranks top in China and front row internationally. The fleet boasts many jumbo dredgers including “Tian Jin Hao”, a self-propelled cutter suction dredger with a production capacity ranking the top of Asia, and “Tong Tu”, the largest trailing suction hopper dredger in Asia. TDC’s fleet of cutter suction dredgers is capable of dredging hard soils like moderately weathered hard rock, coral reef and gravelly sand, pebble stone and so on. The fleet has become the core equipment for TDC’s expansion of overseas market and manifesting the competitive strength of the company.

For years, TDC’s footprints of construction can be traced in over 30 coastal ports of China and more than 10 countries and regions of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Northern Europe and so on, having successively contracted and implemented quite a number of key projects at home and abroad, such as Tianjin Port 300,000-ton Channel Dredging Project, Land Reclamation of Caofeidian, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Waste Water Sump Regulation Project and Dredging and Reclamation Project of Sudan Port. Apart from the above, TDC has also engaged itself in the design and manufacturing of the following equipment, such as shield tunneller with the world’s largest diameter and the Binhai-3000 cutter suction dredger, which has greatly improved the infrastructure functions of regional traffic and ecological environment in the construction area and given impetus to the development of national dredging and equipment manufacturing industries.

As the pioneer of China’s dredging industry, TDC has always been standing on the cutting edge of the dredging technique of China with establishing a national level technical center. With tens of patent achievement, TDC has successively won a series of awards like:  “PRC Gold Award for Quality Project”, “Quality Project Award of Marine Traffic Engineering of Ministry of Transport ”, “Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Grand Prix”, “The Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award” , National-level Construction Techniques, National-level Management Innovative Achievement and so on, which has pushed forward the development and innovation of China’s dredging industry.

Guided by the core values of “TDC’s Progress Benefits Everyone”, TDC has forged good cooperative relationship with local governments, owners, construction contractors, equipment manufacturers, and companies inside and outside the trade, and has won the respect and recognition of various circles.

In recent years, TDC has won a  series of awards and titles like: “Unit of Good Reputation in Observing Contract”, “National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “National User-honored Construction Enterprise”, “National May Day Award”, “Central Enterprise Advanced Units”, “PRC Award for Quality Project”, “National Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress” “Top 100 Enterprise of Tianjin ” and so on,  and has been repeatedly given the prominence of AAA-class enterprise in the credit appraisals held by financial institutions and AAA-class enterprise in the social credit appraisals held by engineering construction industry.

Looking ahead, TDC will adhere to the enterprise mission of Dredging the Rivers and Seas, Building a Beautiful Homeland. With the strategic objective of Developing centennial TDC into an internationally advanced and domestically most competitive comprehensive contractor of dredging and related projects, the company will strive with unremitting efforts to realizing the vision of Centennial TDC, Powerful TDC with the enterprise spirit of fighting against the winds and waves, pioneering forward, pulling together in times of trouble; daring to be first.      

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