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CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd.

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Established in 1954, CCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd. (GDC) is one of the core enterprises of CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd. a professional group under China Communications Construction (CCCC), and it is a diversified advanced dredging enterprise integrating investment, design, R&D and construction, mainly engaged in dredging and reclamation projects and involved in other businesses including related survey and design, cofferdam, diking and wharf engineering, soft foundation treatment, urban complex development, municipal gardening, ocean resource development, water conservancy, environmental protection, national defense projects and wharf logistics. Over the years, GDC has been committed to providing professional and integrative high-quality services for its customers.

Devoting itself to construct excellent works, GDC has been making great efforts to create favorable incomes and realize its values and promises, with the aim of repaying the investors and clients. For over 60 years, GDC has undertaken a lot of construction projects in all major seaports ofChina, from south to north,and the HongKong andMacao. In addition, it also explores the international dredging markets, in particular the South East Asia,the South Asia,the Middle East andAfrica. The Artificial Island Reclamation Project for Runway Area of Macao International Airport, the Island & Tunnel Project of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge,hydraulic reclamation in Ras Az Zawrand,Saudi Arabia,dredging project in Colombo South Port,Sri Lanka,as well as the expansion construction, maintenance work and soft soil treatment works for Guangzhou Port, Yantian Port,Zhanjiang port,Yinkou Port and Jinzhou Port etc.obtained highly evaluations from each sides concerned with its advanced technologies and excellent project management and quality. 

Insisting in high-quality shipbuilding, GDC boasts complete categories of dredging fleets, including the trailing suction hopper dredger with the largest cabin capacity across Asia and the grab dredger with the maximum dipper capacity across the world, which realizes an annual dredging capacity exceeding 150 million cubic meters. With their standardized and serialized features and superior quality performance, such dredgers can be operated in various special working conditions and have completed construction tasks in multiple domestic, overseas and deep-sea projects.

Regarding environmental protection as one of its primary responsibilities, GDC pays extraordinary attention to it. Not only does GDC strictly comply with the environmental regulations of various countries and areas, and actively participates in the construction of a diversified environmental infrastructure, GDC also struggles to explore environmentally-friendly construction methods, such as  multi-utilizing dredging materials during Nasha Harbor project, employing rock drilling methods to clear underwater reefs without blasting in Ninghai Electric Power Plants project,any of these exhibits GDC's observant concern of and self-driven proceeding on environmental protection from leaders to the front line employees and throughout construction and products.

GDC has been devoted to be the outstanding leader to provide excellent overall solution in the Core areas dredging field, setting up “to be honest and reliable, perform duteous and responsible, and create merits jointly” as the core philosophy of the company value, GDC has won high reputation both in China and abroad market supporting by its advantages on equipment, technology, talents and management. It has been awarded the “Guangdong Provincial Labor Award”, “National Excellence Management Prize on Construction Company”,“National Excellent Company on Corporate Culture Cultivation”, “AAA Credit Company”by all major Banks.

Modern dredging industry has played a more and more significant role in economic and social development. GDC does believe that the only way to survive the company is providing valuable service to clients. Therefore, we continuously devote ourselves to improve the company's professional abilities and industrial positions in dredging industry, and take responsibilities for accelerating social development.

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