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The sixteenth world dredging Conference (2001, Kuala Lumpur)

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Hong Kong Corporation delegation to participate in the 16 session of the World Conference on dredging From March 30, 2001 to April 6th, by President Liu Huaiyuan as the head of Hong Kong company, Li Wuzhou, comrade Lin Qi as deputy head of the Hong Kong company a total of 24 people participated in the delegation held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur sixteenth world dredging conference. The conference is sponsored by the association, the eastern dredging Port Klang Malaysia organized by the World Federation of dredging association. A total of nearly 240 delegates from 29 countries and regions attended the World Conference of dredging. The delegates submitted 68 speech papers and 15 poster paper. The content involves: dredging dredging equipment; dredging; case analysis; model and analysis of ecological and coast; backfilling, dredging, dredging, dredging monitoring soil utilization, dredging research, underwater operation etc..

China representative at the World Conference on dredging 9 presentations, 4 poster paper paper, the Hong Kong delegation has 8 presentations, 2 poster paper paper. The number of papers in the world. Won the 16 World dredging conference best paper award is the overall design of TSHD Holland "". Author IHC dredging consulting experts. In addition to read technical conference papers, also held the dredging industry exhibition, 23 international well-known dredging company, Equipment Manufacturing Company, consulting, dredging, Publishers Association Exhibition, including large enterprises and institutions are: Hong Kong International Dredging Company HAM group; Boskalis; dredging and marine company; Holland IHC company; Jan De Nal LMG dredging company; Lubeeker Maschinenbau Gesellschafe Van Oord; ACZ; International Association of dredging company; Japanese ship association.
During the meeting, President Liu Huaiyuan made a speech entitled "development" China dredging industry report. This paper mainly introduces the development process of China dredging industry and CHEC dredging technology. Hong Kong delegation members with international counterparts to exchange experience, to promote the friendship. Hong Kong delegation members from the World Federation of Dredging Association (WODA) Central Dredging Association (CEDA) chairman and executive director of the progress of the preparatory China Dredging Association and said after joining the WODA China Association will dredge. CEDA led a heartfelt welcome. In the world Dredging Association (WODA) of the eastern Dredging Association (EADA) held a Council of Hong Kong invited major members of the delegation to attend the meeting, expressed as Chinese Dredging Association (CHIDA) in the EADA of the seats, and hope in the convening of the 17 session of the World Conference on Chinese before dredging once held the eastern region of the international dredging conference. And welcome Chinese in Hamburg at the 17 World Conference of dredging.
The delegation to participate in the World Conference found his dredging, gap, understanding of the international dredging industry level, it is very necessary to improve China's dredging industry technical management level. Participants saw a great harvest, especially after joining the WTO Chinese to link up with the world economy. From now on we must understand the world, to let the world know China. After the Chinese Dredging Association, often organize the class activities.
Although the group preparations lasted 1 and a half years, and achieved strong support and company departments and relevant units, but there are still some problems, especially the overall level of the author and the English expression ability, the content of the presentations, proposals to advance consciously organized essay, hierarchical screening a representative of Chinese dredging industry level of the article, carefully prepared, and strive to come up with a high level in the 17 session of the World Conference for dredging.
In international cooperation, East Dredging Association (EADA) and central Dredging Association (CADA) have complementary advantages, the eastern Dredging Association (EADA) is located in the Asia Pacific region, has a broad market and central dredging, Dredging Association (CEDA) has the advantages of dredging technology and capital, close cooperation in two areas of Dredging Association will contribute to the rapid development of both sides. During this meeting EADA and CEDA with our close contact also said this trend.
After the meeting we have to do a lot of work of digestion, recommends that the force as soon as possible translation and publication of the 16 World Conference Proceedings of dredging and related information. At the same time, also hope to get valuable advice on behalf of the group, put forward the suggestion to improve the future work. Such a delegation to participate in the international conference will be the regular work in the future after the Chinese Dredging Association was founded, through this activity, the accumulation of experience, make the activities more standardized, institutionalized, and make contribution to the construction of dredging industry.
China Dredging Association preparatory group
April 15, 2001

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