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The seventeenth world dredging Conference (2004 Hamburg)

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In the seventeenth session of the World Conference on earth and dredging World famous dredging company, University and society

Chinese Dredging Association

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One World dredging conference and Exhibition background material
Two The seventeenth world dredging conference and exhibition theme
Three The seventeenth world dredging conference and exhibition content
Four The composition and China task delegation
Five China delegation participating exhibitors achieve the desired target
Six Investigation of the world famous dredging company and manufacturer of the harvest
Seven Chinese Dredging Association in the future to strengthen international cooperation in the preliminary plan
One World dredging conference and Exhibition background material
Every three years of world Dredging Congress is by the World Federation of Dredging Association (referred to as WODA The host). The international organization founded in 1967, its nature is an international non-governmental, non-profit industry organization.The first batch of its members mostly from the United States, at the beginning of the scope of activities is mainly in the north, central and South America area. With the rapid increase in the number of members and members to expand the geographical distribution of the world, Cheng Lisan decided to Dredging Association independent regional branch association on 1978, i.e. The western, Eastern and central Dredging Association And, by the three division took turns world dredging Dredging Association Association function. World Dredging Association chairman of the presidium of the three division by Dredging Association chairman (Chairman) held in turn, held every three years, during his tenure, the main task is to prepare for the three years of world dredging congress. At present, when the president of the World Association of dredging from central Dredging Association chairman (as chairman). Since the world Dredging Association Federation was established, were held in the following locations: World Dredging Congress in Holland in 1978 1980 in Amsterdam, Vancouver in Canada, 1983 in Singapore, 1986 in Brighton, 1989 in the American city of Orlando, 1992 in India, Mumbai, 1995 in Holland, Amsterdam, 1998 in the United States Losangeles, 2001 in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
This 2004, in Hamburg, the city is the second largest city in germany. The establishment of the General Assembly Committee for the current session of the general assembly, the International Technical Committee on Environmental Planning Committee and the executive committee.
Two The seventeenth world dredging conference and exhibition theme
The world dredging the theme of the meeting is very clear: to carry out dredging operations in sensitive environments. The theme is a reminder of how to reduce the negative impact of dredging on the surrounding environment in fragile environment, explores the views and practices relevant content. In recent years, a large amount of dredged soil dumped in the river, which caused by the change of the dynamic relationship between rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. For this reason the concept of dredging has a great change, we should recognize the reasonable dredging and dredging soil treatment will make the environment in the waters and coastal ecosystems to maintain a good, that a river for local, regional and national economic development and human survival basic function. "Natural Dredging" concept is to control the placement of dredged soil to the estuary, which helps to increase or maintain the natural process. Increase the tidal and bird habitat areas such as wetlands, coastal habitat islands and reefs. In order to meet the future needs of navigation, port and channel to deepening and widening, so how to deal with these dredged soil is an important factor affecting the environment.
Three The seventeenth world dredging conference and exhibition content
The world dredging conference and exhibition by the World Federation of dredging Dredging Association (referred to as the central CEDA ) On behalf of the world Dredging Association Federation, held in Hamburg, CCH conference center from September 27, 2004 to October 1st. From October 1st to 3, after the special inspection. Co organizer for Hamburg, Germany's Free and Hanseatic, the national economy of labor affairs, port and channel engineering department. Sponsored by HTG-Hafenbautechnische Gesellschaft IADC-; International Association of dredging company (International Association of Dredging Companies IAPH-); International Association (International Association of Port harbor and Harbours); International Maritime Organization IMO- (International Maritime Organisation); PIANC- (International Navigation Association international navigation Association) etc.;
The official representatives attended the meeting for the 362, respectively, from 35 countries, including Holland 96, Germany 66, Belgium 25, China 23, U.S. 22, Nigeria 21, UK 17, Japan 11, other countries such as Denmark, Spain, India, Morocco, France and Italy respectively 4 to 9 or so, there are some countries such as Canada, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Bahrain, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Arabia, South Korea and the United Nations chief for 1 to 3 students.
The meeting in the morning of September 28th 9 officially opened, presided over by the chairman of the central Dredging Association Mr. Wurpts, welcoming the Hamburg economic and Labor Affairs Minister Senator Uldall Mr. G, Hamburg economic and Labor Affairs Department of ports and inland engineering division leader Ducker H P on behalf of Mr. Han Bao welcome speech, German transport, construction and the Federal Ministry of Housing Minister Mr. R Nagel welcome speech on behalf of the German government.
Symposium held at the same time the venue of the three, three and a half days a total of 117 papers were oral, 12 papers published in poster form. This paper is mostly around the theme of the meeting, focuses on the reasonable disposal of dredged material, in addition to some engineering examples and improvement of dredging technology and equipment research. The specific content can see the session set. The September 28th meeting to determine the environmental protection, environmental protection, key topics of this conference is how to solve the environmental protection theory and practice gap dredging.For example, the ecological balance and dredging, dredging practice, norms and regulations and operation. An article by the Danish Institute of fluid A.Jensen to write the "project in dredging target and demand balance" elaborated this view.
Before the meeting began in September 27th organized a technical investigation activities, on behalf of all groups investigated 2 College Hamburg University of technology environment technology of soil polluted dredged 1 Hamburg disposal 3 Airbus factory reclamation projects 4 German Waterway Engineering Research Institute of coastal city and the port of Hamburg Branch 5. After the meeting organized two relates to environmental dredging related island investigation.
This meeting and the meeting held at the same time as the previous exhibition.Participate in the exhibition a total of 31 companies, 59 staff. The booth covers the world famous dredging companies such as DEME (Dredging Environmental and Marine Engineering Jan De); Nul; Royal Boskalis Westminster; Van Oord; CHEC Watermaster; AquamecDreding Corporation Of India company. Dredging equipment manufacturers such as IHC Holland, VOSTA LMG and other companies. Dredging equipment manufacturers such as franchise dredged soil solidification / liquefaction separation device Ciba Specialty Chemicals. In the mud dredging hose and joint Beijing machinery import and export corporation.
At the closing ceremony of the president of the General Assembly announced that the eighteenth session of the world conference by the World Association of dredging Dredging Association of Western Dredging Association, initially identified in the United States of San Francisco, the time is 2007 June.
This conference is rich in content, careful arrangements, to the participants impressed.There are many methods available for our reference and learning.
Four The composition and China task delegation
China Dredging Association organized domestic dredging community traffic, water conservancy, machinery and education in all aspects of the Waterway Bureau, dredging company, channel research institutions and related import and export company a total of 35 people in Germany to participate in the meeting. China delegation by Association executive vice president Li Wuzhou as the chief, deputy head of the Secretary General of the association Yang Zunwei, Deputy Secretary General of the association secretary general Cai Xiaoling.
China team a total of 9 papers in the conference presentations, there are 3 papers for the conference posters are introduced. The chief engineer of the Shanghai Waterway Bureau forest wind into the assembly technical committee, Comrade Lin Feng and the Hohai University Comrade Ni Fusheng presided over the symposium. Hong Kong Group Corporation and Beijing Machinery & Equipment Import & export company has a dedicated booth at the exhibition venue. China Dredging Association in the general assembly of the layout of the exhibition also introduces the association propaganda and introduction.
Use this opportunity at the end of the general assembly in Holland, Belgium on four of the world's most famous dredging company and dredging equipment manufacturers, the World Federation of central Dredging Association Dredging Association and Delft University dredging test center, communication status of international dredging market and future development ideas, especially discusses the possibility of cooperation in a win-win principle under way. With the central Dredging Association exchange association activities experience. Chinese Dredging Association is currently undertaking strategic research topic China dredging industry commissioned by the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, this is an excellent opportunity and study participants to conduct research on the status quo and development of international dredging industry.
Five China delegation participating exhibitors achieve the desired target
China Dredging Association delegation to participate in the world conference by dredging, to strengthen communication dredging industry in China with foreign counterparts, not only to show that China's dredging strength, but also through academic exchanges, understanding of international countries dredging technology and equipment status, learning the most advanced international dredging technology to.
Through a series of activities: conference papers, presided over the conference and participate in the general assembly during the relevant social activities, such as leadership China Dredging Association were invited to participate in the association of the eastern world dredging Dredging Association Board of directors at the meeting by the chairman of the association of Liu Huaiyuan China dredging Dredging Association into the eastern part of the decision of the board of directors; leadership Chinese Dredging Association also invited to participate in the World Federation of directors of dredging party leaders and the international organizations to strengthen ties, especially with the Western Dredging Association executive chairman Mr. L.M.Patella established contact. In the closing ceremony was invited to dinner, Chinese Dredging Association vice chairman Li Wuzhou on behalf of China's dredging industry made a statement, for the work of the general assembly, welcome to participate in 2006 held in Guangzhou China second international development of dredging technology conference and exhibition, and is willing to stand in 2010 hosted the nineteenth session of the World Conference and exhibition in Chinese dredging. Get a warm response.
At the current meeting feel China due to the rapid development of economy has brought new opportunities for world dredging industry. By doing China role in the world economy has become increasingly prominent, the development of the world market Chinese dredging dredging industry influence is gradually increasing: at present, the major dredging company such as DEME; Jan De Nul; Royal Boskalis has entered Chinese dredger dredging market. In the world of the China dredging industry development is very concerned about this critical moment, how to grasp China's dredging power development and establish a "win-win" principle of cooperation mechanism is a very important topic.
Six Investigation of the world famous dredging company, universities and association of the harvest
At the meeting, China Dredging Association studied world famous dredging company and the firm's activities. From October 5th onwards, the company of the University and the Association for a visit.
1 Boskalis International N.V. 2 IHC 3 Delft University Room 4 dredging world Dredging Association Central Dredging Association (CEDA) 5 Van Oord 6 Jan de Nul
One  Boskalis International N.V.
The company is one of the world's largest international dredging contractors. Founded in 1910, with its headquarters in Holland. It has more than and 40 branches, 3200 employees, all over the world operates a more than and 300 ship fleet of dredgers: diversified business scope includes port maintenance dredging, reclamation reclamation, Coastal Conservation, artificial island construction, environmental protection and engineering services. The company's slogan is "we put the earth to a more appropriate place" (We move the earth to a better place). Pay special attention to environmental protection, development of environmental dredging technology and equipment. In 2003 net profit of 70 million 900 thousand euros, the completion of the contract amounted to 1 billion 46 million euros, orders amounted to 1 billion 100 million euros.
The company sent a large TSHD "Queen of the Netherlands" has been in cooperation with the Nanjing Yangtze River Waterway Bureau in Dayawan Chinese Nanhai petrochemical project.
The board of directors of the company shareholders, Asia director Mr. J.J.Scheele and East Peter reception manager Mr. Boere received seven of us (Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei China Dredging Association; Hong Kong Corporation Zhu Xiaolu; Shanghai Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Tianjin Waterway Bureau Gu Ming; Tianjin channel reported Chen Xiaomin Ni Fusheng; Hohai University). For the end of each of the parties after the introduction, we discuss the development of the global dredging market, especially how to carry out cooperation in a "win-win" principle. Imagine the proposed use of their advantages and China in dredged harbor engineering the strengths of "win-win cooperation" to develop the third country market. The two sides also discussed how to train technical personnel for dredging, crew training and suction cutter suction dredger simulator training hall visit. In the discussion we have on several European dredging company organization carried out to understand the foreign leaders responsible for the introduction of the company's capital operation, the second in command is responsible for market operations. According to the area of management under the leadership of the company. The headquarters staff of about 200 people, a large number of personnel distribution in all branches of the world.Headquarters Department of personnel responsible for the deployment of personnel work.Strong technical force headquarters, focusing on technological innovation, the dredging project plan to research, cooperation and development of new dredger dredging equipment manufacturers and related equipment.
2.IHC company
Holland IHC The company is the main supplier of dredging equipment required for each enterprise dredging of the world. IHC Holland was founded in 1943 of the Holland industry and trade group company (1ndustrialTrading Consortium Holland), referred to as: IHC Holland. The Smit family is IHC Holland predecessor, since 1687 has been engaged in the shipbuilding industry. Until now, the family has produced many outstanding talents. In 1878 they built the first practical suction dredger. In 1965, the company and other companies to achieve a comprehensive cooperation to form IHC Holland Ltd., headquartered in Rotterdam. After several major restructuring, mainly in Kinderdijk and Sliedrecht two and IHC CNand shipyard company and an assist mechanism: Gusto engineering design institute. IHC Holland group IHC Caland company is a subsidiary of one of the. In 1972, IHC Kinderdi.jk company in the world's first production of full closed shipbuilding slipway and the computer control. After this, IHC began a comprehensive management of Naval consult company, to provide services for customers in the shipbuilding industry of computer application and optimization design of a shipyard etc.. Many European countries of the modern ship factory are designed by IHC. In 1993, closed hull workshop was further expanded the scale can accommodate up to 32 meters in breadth of ships. The new company launched a detachable standard beaver dredger to the market, the product all over the world. This name is later in the world famous dredging industry. How many years a series of beaver product optimization, improvement, the use of standardized components, greatly reduce the sales price, but also shorten the delivery time. Help provide maintenance services for remote clients. In addition, digital automatic cutting equipment, self-propelled dredger mining winch automatic rotation hydraulic transmission device and early "dredging a image automatic test instrument were introduced. In order to adapt to the different kinds of rock mining. Developed the IHC bucket wheel dredger, and to adapt to the needs of small specific project and the development of the equipment, such as: environmental cleaning equipment and rotary crane anchor etc.. By these oil development results with IHC Slicktrail company by the TSHD modified cleaning equipment, provide all kinds of tools and practical equipment for the improvement of environmental pollution.The research focus on development and application of the company, the main research institutions IHC Holland in a leading position in the peer has made an important contribution. The main study of hydrology and soil mechanics research, dredging engineering and surveying equipment and automation and other aspects of the coordination between. Study on the mechanism of excellent work makes many in the fierce competition in the industry plays a decisive role in the problem can be solved. In order to ensure the large-scale dredging equipment with sufficient accuracy, and with large-scale equipment, will also increase the degree of automation requirements. According to this requirement, to obtain basic information from the study, from the best production equipment to full automation, the user can use the personnel to operate the largest minimum equipment. The concept of effective development of dredging, the main is the development of the instrument and automatic control device for a wide range to provide the necessary information for efficient dredging operations, thereby reducing the crew of simple repetitive work, their role is only supervision, so as to achieve maximum operating efficiency.
The company manager Mr. W.A.Hoebee and development manager Mr. C.H.M.Kramers received us a line of seven people (China Dredging Association Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei Zhu Xiaolu; Hong Kong Corporation; Shanghai Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Tianjin Waterway Bureau Gu Ming; Tianjin channel reported Chen Xiaomin Ni Fusheng; Hohai University). The company has long-term cooperation relationship with many Chinese dredging, dredge Chinese use is currently produced by the company. They introduced a self-propelled cutter suction dredger is now the production of DEME company, it switchboardpower 28200KW, one of the largest power dredger currently, the reamer is equipped with a DRACULA system developed by DEME, can work efficiently in the mining rock. The ship delivery plan in mid 2005.Then we visited the enclosed shipbuilding workshop of the company, the ship is the workshop section of the installation of equipment in the cabin, they used a large number of pre installation unit, the installation and debugging in the workshop, the assembly process is suspended to piecewise improve installation quality, reduce working intensity and ensures the construction schedule. We are on the design of IHC dredger production localization problems are discussed, they think the design is mature or standardized products may be localized, and the novel, such as we are currently building the large cutter suction dredger self-propelled should not only rely on the technical department of the IHC company development power, and our own factory workers experience the combination can produce the high cost of the dredger products, also in the manufacturing process and the research results of a large number of owners of fusion here, is a special kind of mechanical production while designing the production. As the world's most famous and important dredging equipment manufacturers, they had been with the world famous dredging company scientific research combined efforts to develop advanced equipment. In order to promote the international dredging equipment and technology progress.
3.Delft University Laboratory of dredging
Delft University in Holland, set up a special education professional set up content of dredging, dredging laboratory, training a lot of talents for Holland pillar industry of the dredging industry. Associate professor Wim Vlasblom and Professor Minima of the University of reception of the seven of us (Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei China Dredging Association; Hong Kong Corporation Zhu Xiaolu; Shanghai Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Tianjin Waterway Bureau Gu Ming; Tianjin channel reported Chen Xiaomin Ni Fusheng; Hohai University). They introduced how to play professional university in promoting international dredging talent training and the role of technological progress, however, they only accept students to study and training, consider avoiding large Holland in support of the University's dredging company concerns, and do not accept other dredging company staff training requirements. At present, Hehai University(Changzhou Campus) and the University of close cooperation to set up a special laboratory of dredging.
Four Woda Central Dredging Association (CEDA)
World Dredging Association was founded in 1967, its nature is an international non-governmental, non-profit industry organization. The first batch of its members mostly from the United States, at the beginning of the scope of activities is mainly in the north, central and South America area. With the rapid increase in the number of members and members to expand the geographical distribution of the world, Cheng Lisan decided to Dredging Association independent regional branch association on 1978, i.e. The western, Eastern and central Dredging Association And, by the three division took turns world dredging Dredging Association Association function. The main function and purpose of the World Federation of dredging and each branch association summed up generally is: advocate and promote the improvement of the dredging industry in terms of technology, the popularity of Dredging Education, improve and improve dredging technology standards and guidance documents related to the research and testing to support the development of dredging industry, the development of the line, propaganda the dredging industry performance, strive for public understanding and dredging the understanding and support of the organization to carry out dredging assembly, in the field of knowledge and communication, publishing dredging project information, promote the communication among the members and to live in harmony, to enhance public awareness and understanding of the dredging industry, especially social benefits and special contribution to environmental protection the dredging to human. The World Federation of associations of all kinds of dredging activities and its subordinate branch Dredging Association through its own development, is creating a good social image and improve the position in the international community. At the same time, is also trying to influence some international organizations, including the world bank, the Asian Development bank.
Western Dredging Association (referred to as WEDA ) including the north central and South America, located in the United States Association; central Dredging Association (referred to as CEDA ) including Europe, Middle East and Africa Association, located in Holland; Eastern Dredging Association (referred to as EADA ) including parts of Asia and the Oceania Association, located in Malaysia. The World Federation of dredging general affairs is fixed in the central affiliated Dredging Association, such as conference paper publication, data collection and storage, transmission, and some international organizations and liaison. World Dredging Association ( WODA ) has a chairman of a six member delegation, composed of three divisions (Association WEDA CEDA and EADA All the two members). World Dredging Association chairman of the presidium of the three division by Dredging Association chairman (Chairman) held in turn, held every three years, during his tenure, the main task is to prepare for the three years of world dredging congress.During the conference the world Dredging Association Federation Chairman by the chairman of the central Dredging Association as positive. The World Association of dredging activities is various, such as the General Assembly held, professional conferences, to promote and support the general topic of studies and seminars to help and support, including new technology, environmental dredging and dredging, land reclamation, sea bottom cable, pipe, tunnel etc. in addition, often to the dredging project to members or other related organizations and enterprises, the release of personal information and help. The World Federation of central Dredging Association and Dredging Associationinternational association of dredging companies (International Association of Dredging Companies IADC ) close cooperation, this is a private dredging company of the association, it provides technical services for members, especially the publication of a series of relevant guidance documents on environmental dredging organization.
In the test center of Holland Delft University, central Dredging Association director general Dr. A.Csiti received seven of us (Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei Chinese Dredging Association; Hong Kong Corporation Zhu Xiaolu; Shanghai Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Tianjin Waterway Bureau Gu Ming; Tianjin channel reported Chen Xiaomin Ni Fusheng; Hohai University). First of all thank her Chinese support for the central Dredging Association hosted the seventeenth world dredging Dredging Association meeting, and expressed support for China Dredging Association to host the nineteenth world Dredging Congress in Chinese.The central Dredging Association and the International Association of dredging company (International Association of Dredging Companies IADC ) often work together, the dredging company to provide technical services for members of society, especially the publication of a series of 8 volumes of environmental dredging guidelines on environmental dredging organization, she suggested China Dredging Association can organize translation and publication of this document, no copyright issues.
Five Van Oord company
Van Oord Groep Ballast Ham company and Dredging company in December 19, 2003 to complete the merger, the new company after the merger which named Van Oord, has approximately 3000 employees, the company is headquartered in Holland, Rotterdam. On the first day of the establishment of success of the Beihai pipeline contract awarded by the Norway oil and gas companies worth 100 million pounds. The merger for the purpose of obtaining synergy, to expand the scope of business, occupy the leading position in the international market was marine construction project.
The merger of the two former Ballast HAM Dredging BV is the world's largest dredging company, which began in Holland to fight the sea under the background of more than a century to successfully participate in major water conservancy projects around the world, with world dredging expert. It is active in the field of marine engineering and dredging.The specialty is the marine engineering company has the ability to complete the service contract. The project includes: Construction and maintenance of port and waterway engineering; environmental protection; land reclamation; rock drilling and blasting; and protection of coastal levee; hydraulic engineering; offshore operations; two companies before the merger of Van Oord and ACZ expertise of hydraulic dredging equipment has required all kinds of dredging dredger, for example: dig trenches and to sweep the seabed, land filling, coast protection, construction and maintenance of deep-sea dredging, dredging.
The company attaches great importance to my delegation's visit, waving flags China seen in the company before the square, welcome China Dredging Association banner in the meeting room projection. The management of the company chairman Mr. Verkerke Otto, Northeast Asia Jan Willem Elleswijk, manager of the contractor and the contractor Mr. land coast manager Dirk Hamer and engineer Gerard Mr. Spaan met seven of us (Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei, China Dredging Association Cai Xiaoling Zhu Xiaolu; Hong Kong Corporation; Shanghai Waterway Bureau of Tianjin Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Gu Ming; Tianjin channel reported Chen Xiao Min). The management of the company chairman Mr. Verkerke Otto first introduced the development history of the complex, the company is one hundred years and several dredging company of Holland came the merger, the recent merger in 2003. Van Oord was founded in 1868 . After the merger, the former company personnel and institutions are in the stage of adjustment, has been nearly a year of operation time. The company has 3000 employees and a large modern dredging fleet. The business scope of the company still retains the original content, 2003 turnover of 897 million euros. Project manager, introduced the large-scale dredging in the middle Dubai land reclamation projects: The Palm islands and the world island project. It also introduces the drainage reclamation technology after curing. Chinese due to rapid economic development led to the development of transportation, water conservancy, and city environmental dredging project, they are willing to cooperate with Chinese dredging company, carry out cooperation projects under the principle of win-win.
6 Jan de Nul
Jan De Nul was founded in 1938. It is the founder of Jan de Nul, the boss of the company, is the third generation of his. Headquartered in Aalst, belgium. It was a civil engineering and hydraulic engineering company Jan De Nul N.V. in 1951 to enter the scope of undertaking international dredging dredging industry and backfilling task. Recently, particularly sensitive projects and environmental protection in offshore dredging business: beach nourishment, to sweep the seabed, digging trenches, offshore submarine pipeline for backfill, stable operation and installation of riprap. The average annual turnover of more than $400 million in 30 years. The Belgian Oscar for won the 1992 Export Award award. With 2400 employees. Its main business is: port, waterway and river infrastructure and maintenance dredging, port and industrial land reclamation, offshore dredging, coastal channel dredging, dredging pipeline trenching and export, sweep the seabed off the coast , Riprap stability and protection of pipeline, coastal maintenance, collecting oil and cleaning, soil pollution, dredging treatment and disposal. Special dredging method has environmental protection dredging. The company attaches great importance to all kinds of large-scale new dredger development work, has the world's largest Vasco Da Gama trailing suction dredger, the other at the end of 2003 investment in the construction of large self-propelled rock cutter suction dredger, the total installed power of up to 27240KW.
The head of the company De Mr. Nul personally, and with the international manager Mr. G.Vandewalle, Singapore operation Department Manager Mr. Hutse Philippe, regional manager Mr. Ma Hong-po received seven of us (Li Wuzhou, Yang Zunwei Chinese Dredging Association; Hong Kong Corporation Zhu Xiaolu; Shanghai Waterway Bureau of Tianjin Waterway Bureau Lin Feng; Gu Ming; Tianjin channel news Chen Xiaomin; Hubei Yangtze River Dredging Engineering Co. Ltd.) Yuan Senlin. Mr. Nul De first introduced the development view of the world that the dredging industry, dredging industry and other industries, in the market economy can not competition, there will be no development without competition. He in the dredging industry as an example, that the government monopoly leads to the slow development of the dredging industry. But that is not too competitive in Europe, for example, currently the world's strongest dredging company four in Europe, two Boskalis International N.V. Holland and Van Oord Jan de Nul, two Belgian company and DEME company, the four companies must be coordinated. We talk about how to strengthen cooperation in the future, imagine China and European De Mr Nul put together the U.S. dredging market has certain inspiration to us. After the forum De Mr. Nul personally accompanied visited the company's large dredging equipment spare parts logistics center and training institutions, they stressed that due to the large dredger huge investment, construction period is very strict, so we must do everything possible to ensure the normal operation of the dredger, and supply sufficient and timely spare parts is necessary. Another idea is the dredging company must have its own scientific research strength to ensure and dredging equipment manufacturing shipyard joint development of a new type dredger. This is consistent with IHC's view.
Seven Chinese Dredging Association in the future to strengthen international cooperation in the preliminary idea or plan
Chinese Dredging Association through the delegation to participate in the world Dredging Congress and access, investigation of the world famous dredging company, universities and society, thinks that it is necessary for this event, is also very timely.
In December 11, 2001, China officially became a member of the world trade organization, marking China's reform and opening up has entered a new stage, to establish and perfect the socialist market economic system in China, is of great historical significance to improve China's international status. The service trade, the principle of opening the market is mainly reflected in the gradual liberalization of the obligation. The members according to their level of development, and gradually reduce and cancel the foreign service providers to enter their own market trade barriers, WTO in stressed open markets and trade liberalization at the same time, also called on the international trade must be carried out under conditions of fair competition.
After joining the WTO, China will fully enjoy multilateral unconditional MFN and national treatment, as a developing country will also enjoy under the WTO agreements of some special and differential treatment, in order to make the relevant industry in China after joining the WTO on the necessary adjustment of relevant laws and regulations for buffer period dredging refers to the transportation infrastructure construction industry, its commitments are as follows:
From the accession. The joint venture allows foreign investors to set up foreign holdings; after three years with the WTO, to allow the establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, but only allowed to contract the following projects: 1 all by foreign investment, foreign investment and grants or grant projects; 2 of China's use of loans from international financial organizations and international bidding engineering; 3 foreign investment accounted for more than 50% (including 50%) joint venture, cooperation in the construction of the project, as well as foreign investment accounted for 50% of the joint venture construction of domestic enterprises but unable to carry on the technology of the project; 4 domestic construction enterprises to accomplish domestic investment construction projects approved by the provincial administrative department of construction, and allow domestic construction enterprises joint contracting or subcontracting. Three years after its entry to. In December 11, 2004 the joint venture and wholly owned enterprises can enjoy national treatment . Chinese dredging means open market for foreign dredging company.
China's dredging market open imperative. For example, Tianjin port dredging channel to 17 meters, will also fill blow the dredged soil. The port authority of Tianjin and the world famous investment dredging company - De Nul of Belgium's Jan joint venture for the company is currently the world's largest Vasco Da Gama trailing suction dredger dredging operations in the port of Tianjin. In mid September this year, the Belgian international dredging company DI NILE RIVER large TSHD from Singapore to participate to the port of Zhanjiang Guangzhou Waterway Bureau 250 thousand ton waterway dredging construction task.This marks the China shipping enterprises has exceeded domestic cooperation in the field of dredging market, into a more broad space for development, Chinese showed positive attitude on the dredging industry enterprises and changes in the international dredging market after joining the WTO and accelerate the integration of economic globalization determination. Take some "win-win" approach to strengthen the Chinese shipping industry with the world advanced dredging company cooperation.
With the change of the main body of market competition, the market environment will change greatly, in this environment, the core market of China's dredging enterprises limited in China, the market competitiveness is not strong, therefore, China's dredging market is open to domestic enterprises, may face challenges than opportunities, can survive the challenge. China's dredging enterprise and foreign enterprise competition is two kinds of ownership of the main competition, technology and equipment will directly impact, therefore must be considered various aspects of the urgency of speeding up the reform of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises also play dredging flexibility, and promote the development of new dredging company and mixed economic system, the China dredging the enterprise long-term survival and development.
This time through the preliminary investigation of several world famous dredging company, to get a common understanding: The competition in the market depends on the overall strength and development potential of the enterprise, including human, financial and material resources, technology, information management, etc..Renewal of equipment must attach great importance to the development of science and technology and innovation ability is the priority among priorities. Chinese dredging enterprises despite some advantages, but compared with foreign dredging enterprises, the gap between the obvious, developed, foreign capital market financing is convenient, the labor market is mature, rich human resources, the employment system is quite flexible, to achieve the survival of the fittest, benign competition. In addition, foreign enterprise culture is also very active, employees have a sense of honor is the centripetal force, the enterprise cohesion.
The business scope of dredging enterprises in our country is too broad. Lead to part of the front is too long, can not be effective use of limited resources, weaken the core business competitiveness of enterprises and the lack of effective management and supervision. Another part of the business is too narrow and single, afraid to get involved in many dredging related industries, leading to increased business risk, cannot achieve stable performance change radically, business development. Therefore, in the long front contraction at the same time it must vigorously encourage enterprises to actively involved in related industries and dredging.
The survival and development of the dredging industry affected by the national industrial policy, is closely related with the national economic strategy, economic Xing Xing dredging industry, therefore, driven by China's current economic development, dredging industry will have broad prospects for development. The foreign dredging company has Chinese this huge market look at fiercely as a tiger does dredging, all hope to obtain the ideal market share. China's accession to the WTO, the powerful dredging company in the face of international competition, through the analysis of the world market to re evaluate dredging dredging industry in China, to promote enterprise reform and accurate market positioning, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, to find out a development direction in China's dredging enterprise development in this market tide.Faced with the grim challenges and opportunities for development of domestic two foreign dredging market put forward, not only to continue to play in our country but also the advantages of dredging, dredging towards power requirements have been put on the agenda.
From the association point of view, the window, in the future to continue to play the role of a bridge association as China dredging circles towards the world and actively communicate the domestic dredging enterprises with foreign enterprises cooperation channels. To strengthen the China Dredging Association and the World Federation of regional dredging Dredging Association links, keep the world dredging industry of the latest development of information channels.Therefore the future association preliminary ideas or plans are as follows:
One Actively preparing for the 2006 held in Guangzhou Chinese second international development of dredging technology conference and exhibition.
Two Plan in 2007 in the United States for the eighteenth world dredging congress.
Three Strive to host the nineteenth world Dredging Congress in China.
Four For domestic and foreign dredging dredging communication circles and academic exchanges, and strive to set up the "China Dredging" magazine.
Five In the preparation of the strategic research China dredging industry, the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced dredging company proposal.
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